Cloud and Healthcare: What Can it Do?

A big part of health care services is technology. > Read more

Know your Tech: MicroTCA

The Micro Telecommunications Architecture - MicroTCA is a standard for open modular systems based on AMCs (Advanced Mezzanine Cards); circuit boards that follow the standards of PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group (PICMG) for embedded communications and carrier grade telecom equiment.

1UP Super Mario USB Mushroom Lamp

If Mario had a desk job, this would definitely be the lamp he would use; the 1UP USB mushroom lamp.

The bright lamp could be powered through AA batteries or USB as you choose and is as easy to use as jumping on mushrooms; press the mushroom once to switch on, press it again to switch off. > Read more

Dr Who Master's Pocket Watch: Authentic Officially licensed replica from Doctor Who TV series

If you are a fan of the Doctor Who TV series, you can't miss this one - The Doctor Who Master's Pocket Watch; an authentic, officially licensed replica from the Doctor Who TV series, the fully functional watch is available in plastic and die cast metal, with a nightlight feature and waistcoat chain to keep it fully authe > Read more

iPhone to Speakerphone Converter: Converts your wireless iPhone into a desk phone

We aren't sure why you would really need this. But, it's nifty and geeky. What the iPhone to Speakerphone converter does is to make your iPhone into essentially a desk phone. > Read more

Firefox about Commands List

(Updated: April 2012)

We love Firefox, so when our resident geek compiled this interesting list of "about" commands, we couldn't resist sharing it with you guys.

To use the about commands just type the it into the Firefox address bar.

Just typing "about:" will show general and version information. It's kind of short for about firefox :)

about:mozilla > Read more

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