Pad Tab - Wall Mount for iPad

Did you ever wish you could stick up the iPad on your fridge, or on the kitchen wall, while you did your kitchen experiments? Then here is your answer; the PadTab - a wall mount for your iPad. > Read more

World's Largest Crossword Puzzle: It's Big. Really Big.

Crossword Puzzles in news papers are fun. But, what if you need to keep yourself and others busy not just for hours but days? maybe months or maybe a year? > Read more

Android Fridge Magnet: Stick the droid on your Fridge

So, you got yourself the new Android phone, it runs Linux, it's got widgets, it's got .. yeah yeah, we get the picture; it's awesome, and we know you are a "fan". > Read more

Laser Projection Keyboard for your iPad, iPhone and Android Phone

We have seen laser projection keyboards before on Geek 24 like this one as early as 2006. So, it's nothing new for us geeks.

Only that this one, looks different; projecting a full function "good looking" keyboard onto a table or any flat surface from any iPad, iPhone or Android phone. > Read more

The Upside Down Helicopter: A Remote Control Helicopter that you can fly upside down

We geeks love our remote control toys. But, here's a very unique one, which will blow the rotors of your colleagues because, this RC Helicopter can fly upside down; yeah, upside down! > Read more

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