Harry Potter Wizards Collection: All the 8 Movies in 31 Discs

If you are a Harry Potter geek, you gotta get your hands on this; the limited edition set of Harry Potter movies on 31 discs in Blu-Ray, DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy.

You read that right - 31 discs! That's over 37 hours of Harry Potter, which is about 2 days of back-to-back watching. > Read more

Magic Geek Ball: The Magic 8 Ball for Geeks

Who said geeks don't have balls? Yeah, we know what you are thinking. Nah! not that kind. We are talking about Magic 8 Balls; you know the ones that give you a yes or no answer. But, then again we are not talking the usual kind of magic 8 balls. We are talking about the type geeks would like. > Read more

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime - Swoosh!

If you are trekkie, you couldn't have missed the "swoosh". Yeah, the sound that the doors make when you get in or out. So, the good guys at Think Geek, our favorite store have just come up with an interesting gadget - the Star Trek Electronic Door Chime. > Read more

Choosing a Cloud Backup Service? Remember Top10Cloudstorage.com

Still backing up to DVD's and external drives? If you are, it's time you looked at something different; a way to save your backups away from your computer - "on the cloud" or what is usually called cloud storage. > Read more

And we are back

After a long hiatus, we are back! Yeah! Geek24 is back big time.. Stay tuned for updates and changes.

If you have some suggestions drop them in as comments.

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