Geeky Picture of the Day: Apple G3 iLetter Box

You know you are geek when your letter box looks like this:


10 Must Have Spy Gadgets every wannabe Spy should have

Feeling like spying on someone or playing James Bond? Then why not know what all you need? Here's our list of the 10 gadgets, gear and equipment every spy must have.

1. Spy Camera

First and foremost, if you gotta be a spy, you need a spy camera. There are all kind of cameras for every kind of mission; some can be hidden, others worn or tacked to your body and some others can be sent as gifts to unsuspecting targets. > Read more

10 Geeky T-Shirts Every Geek Must Have and Wear

We geeks love T-shirts. Let's admit that, after all nothing gives more pleasure than seeing people bow at our geek factor! So, here's a list of 10 of our favorites, which we think every geek should wear and have  in their wardrobe.

1. Let's start with the plain old simple 'geek' shirt. Nothing fancy, just announces your geek status to the whole world.

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Geek Cakes: For Geeky Wedding or Geeky Birthday

If you are geek, why would you have a regular cake for your wedding or birthday? Right? Okay, if the only reason you don't have one is because you are running out of ideas, here are some cakes we spotted over the web that have geek written all over them, which you can use for inspiration.  Some can be great for a geek wedding, others for a geek birthday or a geek groom's cake. 
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The Finger Drum Mousepad: A Mousepad that's a Drumpad too!

Finger Drum Mousepad
Do you have the habit of drumming on your table, while you wait for that code to compile or excel sheet to save? Then give  that a table a rest and get this - the Finger Drum Mousepad, that's not only good for your mouse but for your ears as well. The Finger drum Mousepad can play eight different percussion sounds, which includes bass, two rack toms, a floor tom, hi-hat, crash, snare, and ride cymbals using only your fingers.

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Geeky Picture of the Day: 10 MB Hard Disk from the Past

10 Megabyte Hard disk

Imagine a hard disk that can store 2 MP3 files for 3495 USD. Amazing how things have changed isn't it? Well, those were the old days when we had big floppy disks and an operating system called DOS. Thanks Steve for sending this in.

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