Aircooled Motherboard: World's first Motherboard with onboard Powerless Air cooling

Whoa. This is cool. MSI, the motherboard company has introduced what could be the world's first motherboard with onboard aircooler, which requires no power to run! Yup, read no power to run; that's eco-friendly to the core.
The aircooler (still in prototype) is based on the 'Stirling' engine theory, which was invented around the 1600s and uses the heat transferred from the CPU to power the fan, which cools the CPU. Quite ingenious!
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How to explain the difference between Obama and Hillary to Geeks

The pic is self explanatory (of course to geeks only). Thanks to HolyJuan

Super Battery Holder & Tester: Stores and Holds 66 Batteries

battery holder

It's amazing how many batteries you end up needing now with all the kind of gadgets out there; each gadget needing a different kind of battery; some AA, others 9Vs. So, if you haven't got one already, you will probably need a battery holder or a rack, if you don't want to spend the rest of your life hunting down batteries. But, which one? This one of course. 
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Mona Lisa: Geek Style

Mona Lisa with Computer Parts
What if Da Vinci was a geek? Well, this would be what Mona Lisa would like then :)

This Mona Lisa unlike the original is  made with computer motherboards and parts and was a part of a technology exhibition in Bejing called "Technology Smiling".

97 Things you don't want your System Administrator to say

This just came in by e-mail. An interesting read and share.

  1. Uh-oh.....
  2. Shit!!
  3. What the hell!?
  4. Go get your backup tape. (You do have a backup tape?)
  5. That's SOOOOO bizarre.
  6. Wow!! Look at this.....
  7. Hey!! The suns don't do this.

ICUITI Portable Sunglass Movie Theater: Watch movies anywhere, but for your eyes only

Here's a nice gadget to gift yourself or someone this Christmas; the sunglass movie theater. Yup, a personal movie theater that is built into a pair of sunglasses that projects a 44' inch display straight onto your eyes  with a pair of two high res LCDs, all in 24-bit true color from a video iPod, DVD player or any other video player input. Okay, close your jaws now :-)
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