How to: Build a Flash for iPhone

The iPhone is a really cool phone but if you miss a flash like many pf us, here's quick "how to"  for making one yourself by Joe

Of course, you can always buy one if you don't want to go DIY. But, we prefer cheap!

Remote Control Moon: Full Moon Anytime


Girls love moon. Though, we don't know exactly what is it that they love about it, they do love to hold hands and romance in the full moon. But, we all know full moon's don't happen every day. So, if your girl friend is feeling romantic and wants to see the full moon on a "no moon" day what do you do?

That's where this Remote Control Moon comes handy.  Just press a button on the remote control to switch on your very own moon inside the room. Don't you love the geeks, who come with such ideas?
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Meet ElmoSapien: The child which Elmo and RoboSapien had

What do you get when you cross an elmo with a RoboSapien robot? An ElmoSapien! That's the only thing you can say to describe this hilarious piece of robot hack. Play the video, you will know what we mean.
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Microsoft Laptop Bags: Safely Carry your Bluescreened Laptops

Okay, the title is just a joke. But the the fact is that Mcrosoft does not only make software, but also make laptop bags to go with your laptops, which unlike the Microsoft software (read Windows),  don't seem to crash (read tear and wear) much, if the reviews are believed..  

The bags are quite fully featured, with padded sleeves, MP3 player compartments and spaces to keep media, and water bottles. And to top it all, they aren't very expensive either; most ranging around US $50. There is a range at Amazon, you can buy from. The one in the picture is for about $34.99. > Read more

Gold Plated MacBook Pro with Diamond encrusted Apple Logo

This is just for geeks with serious dough. We have talked about painting your Macbook before, but gold plating the MacBook Pro and encrusting the logo with diamonds is some serious bling. Here are some pictures:


It will cost about about $1200-1500 to gold plate one Macbook Pro if you are thinking and that doesn't include the diamond logo. If you want one, talk to the guys @ Computer-Choppers.

Human LCD - Video

Okay, this isn't exactly tech. But, it's amazing to watch humans work like an LCD. Play the video to see what we mean.


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