Lifelike Warrior Weapons for Office Wars: Fight with Swords, Axes and Shields


Still playing and fighting your wars with USB missiles, rockets and launchers? Stop. The time has come for you to go beyond any geek has gone before and pick up a set of these for your next fight and fight like the kings have fought!

Okay, that did sound a bit too dramatic. But, it's the fault of these fine weapons made from foam latex, and their looks. Available seperately (though we recommend you pick the whole set), each weapon in the series, which includes an axe, sword and a shield is made from foam latex and re-inforced with fibre glass to ensure you can fight your next office wars in the way they should be fought. > Read more

Microsoft ZunePhone: Of course, it's fake

Every once in a while we hit someone who is amused by Microsoft's creative spirit and makes a hilarious video to portray just that. Here's one like that about the ZunePhone.

> Read more

Things to do with an Used & Old Computer: 15 Great Ideas your old PC will like

Everyone wants the latest and the fastest, so at the end of it you get stuck with something old, used and slow by today's standards. No, we weren't talking about your wife/husband, we were talking about your computer <grin> :)

So, what do you do with an old computer that you think is slow? Dump it into a garbage can or stow it off on eBay? Nah, here are some creative uses for an old computer. > Read more

8 LED USB Flexible Desk Lamp Light from Dekcell: One Powerful USB Desk Lamp

Most USB powered Desk Lamps and Lights are quite underpowered but with 8 white LEDs, this Desk lamp from Dekcell is different and powerful.

The USB lamp has a lampshade, has an on/off button and is flexible so you can position it anywhere. It's available from here for US$11.95 currently.

How to make a Hidden, Stealth Router

Need to hide your router discretely? How about it putting it inside a innocent looking UPS case, that's stealth enough, isn't it?

After all, who is going to doubt that there is a full functional linux machine router inside the small UPS case. Read the instructable to learn how you can make one of these tiny space saving linux routers. Quite simply, one of the best computer case mods we have seen in recent times. 

Backpack Bicycle: Foldable, Light weight Bicycle for a quick getaway

Say hello to the automotive miracle; the backpack bicycle. A cycle that weighs only 12lbs and folds to a volume of 1 cubic foot. Or in other words, a bicycle that can be carried just about anywhere, in a bus, car, aircraft, inside a backpack for use with in 10 seconds.

That's right. 10 seconds is all it takes for the entire bicycle to be unfolded with some really quick release clamps.  And don't even think this bike is a fragile or a show piece because it fits into a backpack.  > Read more

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