TAR XVF: Geek License Plate saga continues

Alright it seems we are back on the Geeky License Plate story roll. Fitch sends us this 'TAR XVF' license plate he spotted at E3 2006 in the parking garage.

Does someone have a GZIP -D? :P

Geeky Parallel Parking Device

Forget the Prius automatic parallel parking, check out the geekiest way to park your car.

The concept is to first park only the nose of the car into a parking spot, then having hydraulics lift the rear end of the car into the air, then slide the rear sideways into the parking spot, and then lowering the rear of the car. Ain't that geeky?

High Speed Parallel Parking Video

We have featured a plenty of parallel parking and stunt car videos before but this one is freakin' cool.

Jet vs Car vs Bike Drag Race Video

Okay, this seriously is one really cool video of a drag race between a car, bike and a jet you need to watch.

Pimp your bike with the Bike Wheel LED Light Bar

This has to be the easiest way to pimp your bike. The LED lightbar attaches to the spokes of any bicycle and cycles through 36 incredible LED design patterns, 5 word patterns like 'GO', 'HELLO', and riding time every 3 seconds while the wheels are in motion, which in simple language translates to one hell of a cool bike!
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U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-7 Shuttlecar

We have featured quite a few real-life geeky cars on in the past - the Pacman car, the DeLorean and even the Star Trek concept car from Nissan but, this is the first time we got a snap of a shuttlecraft on the roads; not just any shuttlecraft - the U.S.S. Enterprise Shuttlecraft car. Thanks Fling.
uss enterprise shuttle craft car
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