World's Smallest Wireless Microphone from Lectrosonics: XSDT

Lectrosonics XSDT
This just in. Lectrosonics has introduced what it claims is the smallest wireless microphone in the world. Called the XSDT, or the "eXtra-Super-Damn-Tiny". The new wireless microphone is completely self-contained, including a nearly microscopic condenser microphone element, AA battery and a 250mW RF transmitter using the company's proprietary Digital Hybrid Wireless(tm) technology.


The microphone has  a frequency response of 5Hz to 120kHz, dynamic range of 120dB, with self-noise of 48dB (A-weighted) and a maximum SPL of 168dB. Two versions of the transmitter are available: the Lectrosonics XSDT-ALK which uses an alkaline AA battery, providing 38 minutes of operational time; and the XSDT-LITH using a lithium battery providing 1 hour and 15 minute operational time. Due to the permanently installed battery on each unit, the XSDT must be discarded once the battery dies. MSRP for the XSDT-ALK: $499.99, for the XSDT-LITH: $699.99.

We think it's neat, but can some one tell us what's the big AA battery doing with the smallest microphone.. surely you can could have had a small battery to go with it? - Ed



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