5 Strange Gadgets for "World Cup" & Soccer fans

The World cup fever has hit a few of us too, so we set out on finding some interesting world cup and soccer themed gadgets we could biy. Though we didn't find anything cool enough,  we did find quite a few strange stuff you can buy - if you are a soccer fan; fan enough i.e :) Here are our picks:

1.1 GB Soccer Ball Keychain USB 2.0 Portable Flash Drive

USB soccer flash drivesoccer ball usb drive

This 1 GB USB flash drive looks like a soccer ball from the outside but it conceals a 1 GB USB 2.0 flash drive inside. Just don't keep it in your pocket, it might be difficult to explain the bulge ;) 

2. Logitech Soccer Mouse 

logitech soccer mouse

This looks like a "half cut" soccer ball but it's a actually a mouse - a optical one i.e.. Though it does look weird, we think this one might be actually usable, especially by kids because it's 2/3 the size of a standard logitech mouse and ican be connected as a second mouse. 

3.Major League RC Soccer Game

soccer rc toy

We have seen quite a number of remote control toys and even featured a few but this one takes the cake for being the strangest.  From the page "Use the stadium styled controllers to drive the shoes and kick the ball into the goal. Play the game in any room in the house. " Drive the shoes? Oh Come'on you must be kidding.

4.OurPets Play-N-Speak Recordable Large Soccer Ball Dog Toy

soccer dog pet toy 

Yes, it does look like two soccer balls stretched together, but is actually supposed to a be  pet dog. Of course, not to mention that the only thing this pet does is to record and play back your voice umpteen number of times.  

5.Soccer Ball Lights

Soccer Ball Lights 

What better to celebrate World cup and the soccer season, but  with a glowing bunch of soccer balls hanging on your porch. Of course, you can always use these as christmas tree decorations too, and wish for the Soccer Ball Dog Toy pet for the gift. 

Okay, we are done with five, but here's one for the bonus - it's not a gadget technically, but we love it (you know what we mean!).

soccer ball cd case

This is a Soccer CD case that holds 10 CD's. Just hope no one kicks this one.

 We hope you liked reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. Do drop us your comments.


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