55 Hour iPod Battery Extender

55 hour ipod battery extender - extends battery life of the ipod to over 2 days of playbackHow would you like to extend your iPod battery life by a whooping 275%? This amazing new iPod battery extender just does that; extending the iPod battery life to 55 hours of playback time without any hacks or solar panels :) 

Buit-into a clear skin shell, the iPod battery extender slips over your video iPod, which means you won't require to carry anything additionally  while it protects your iPod from scratches and the USB pin connector from damages with a stainless steel base.

The leak resistant shell  also allows the iPod to be charged without removing the cover, resists over-charging and has slots for USB and headphone connections. Available for US$ 79.95 from here .


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