iPod Digital Drumsticks: Portable drumming with the iPod music

ipod digital drumsticksDid you ever want to drum along with the music playing on your iPod or your home Hi-Fi? Well, then this is what you need - the iPod digital drumsticks.  Activated by motion, with these drumsticks you can play a  number of  drum and cymbal effects combinations, which include a tom-tom, bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat and crash cymbal without owning a whole drum set, pretty much anywhere.

The drumsticks are connected to the iPod or any other audio device like the hi-fi via a control module that clips  to a belt and also has a headphone output for silent play if you ever need it. It's a nice idea and they are portable so you can carry them to a party or do a impromptu gig. Available for US$ 29.95 from here


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