Three dimensional star atlas: Makes other 3D Earth Globe's look silly

3D star atlasForget the standard lookin' 3D Earth globes, this is what you should be having on your desk. The three dimensional star atlas can help you find and identify pretty much all celestial objects in the sky from any where in earth at any hour of the day or night and date of the year.

At the center there is a 5" diameter earth globe that is connected to a knob, which can be aligned to any day or date. The Earth is surrounded by an adjustable horizon ring that can be rotated 360 to establish the horizon level, while a rotating arm lets you align the position of the sun. Surrounding the inner components is a clear 16" diameter sphere marked with stars, deep sky objects, constellation diagrams, and other celestial fe atures observable from Earth. An access port cut into the external sphere allows you to manipulate the horizon ring.  

Plain awesome. Available for US$ 425.95 from here


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