Top 15 signs that you are Geek

Don't know if you are geek? Here are the absolute 15 signs that  that can 'confirm' it for you.

  1. You try to "ping" people to see if they are awake.
  2. You wonder if Matrix is real.
  3. Instead of calling your home to say you are late, you send an e-mail.
  4. You talk more about routers and your latest php code that transliterates python into ruby instead of the weather or the news.
  5. When filling your home address in application forms you fill your IP address
  6. When asked where you live, you tell them it's easier to catch me on Yahoo, MSN etc. Messenger
  7. When you meet people at parties you ask "Do you have a blog, profile?". "Are you on orkut?".
  8. You live a lot on more Second Life than the first life.
  9. You prefer cybersex to real sex anytime. It's more interactive you reckon.
  10. You crack geek jokes and geek quotes at the drop of a packet.
  11. You have all of Think Geek's shirts in your wardrobe including the one that says "geek".
  12. You are subscribed to more RSS feeds than the number of people in your colony.
  13. You spend more time on Digging stories at Digg than you do sleeping.
  14. You prefer "Murphy's Law" instead of the Bible to show you the way.
  15. Lastly you know you are geek, when you are reading this list!

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