The iPod Nano from Future

It's not April Fool yet. But, before you scream murder let's make one thing very clear - this product isn't REAL. And it's not available anywhere. It's just an artist's impression, a guy called Chan Karunamuni.

ipod nano artist impression


Overall, we like the design, though you may have more chances of being stopped and checked at airports carrying a cylindrical titanium iPod, and keeping it straight on the desk would be difficult without it rolling away (maybe the next version should have an iPod roller-stop!). But the tagline "Free your hard disc" is smart.

Only wish it would have been real. If you like the design though, you might like see the guy's other designs or hire him here


More like a shuffle

This would be a better design for the shuffle, though it's not quite revolutionary given you can look and find a zillion cheap models of mp3 player with a vertical screen on eBay. It would make a great shuffle given most people howled when there was no screen on it. I think the form factor of the nano should be about set size-wise. There is a point when something gets too small to be viable.

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