Microsoft Origami: All hype. Nothing new.

Now that everyone has had a look at the Microsoft's Origami - the UMPC, and the hype has fizzled out it's time to do some introspection. We had been getting quite a few comments, about how Microsoft's Origami was overhyped and nothing but a piece of un-pocketable over-sized tablet PC and weighs too much to call it a UMPC.

Yes, at about 2 pounds, it's not light and certainly not pocket-able, even if you are wearing an XXXL size. Here's what we think.

What is the UMPC good for?

The UMPC will definitely be good for watching movies with the 16:9 screen, making VoIP calls, web-surfing, and in the field for data entry applications. And if you are not very particular, it might even work like a digital photo-frame (an expensive one i.e.). It could work very well like an extension of your desktop PC, to carry around into the kitchen for looking at recipes, and playing games (board games would be fun, if they use the touch screen to navigate).

What the UMPC is not going to do?

Certainly, not replace the iPod as quite a few bloggers were hoping for and so, it's certainly not going to  give sleepless nights to Steve Jobs. It's not going to get everyone suddenly ditch their PDA's, Laptop's or their computers. It's not going to replace a GPS, because it's really really too big for that application. It's not going to change the way everyone works, and it's certainly not going to make some people lot's of money.

Don't get us wrong. We like the Microsoft UMPC, but we aren't impressed. The initiative is good, but it's nothing new. Flash News: Sony made the UMPC long back (around late 2004) called the Sony U50. Infact, the UMPC looks quite similar to the U50/U70 line up from Sony. Perhaps, what's interesting to know is that Sony  dropped it's U50/U70  production after receiving very lukewarm response.

A big hurdle and an unexplained spec about battery life is also perhaps a big worry point  (un-confirmed sources are telling us though that the Microsoft UMPC, should have an all-day battery life). So, the bigger issue is then how much the UMPC will be able deliver on it's promises and how it's going to make a dent where the older intiatives failed. Or is it  just another attempt by Microsoft to get back in the game, and jab at something Apple could be creating?

As for us, No thanks, at this time we are sticking to our PDA and little pockets :)

The hype isn't still dead, CNN story headline goes "Origami Looks Paper-thin" eh? may we ask from which angle? Of couse, InfoWeek is calling the Origami "Microsoft Bob 2006" - hilarious!


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