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The New iPod Shuffle: World's Smallest Music Player

New iPod Shuffle
Only a few days ago we were talking about iButton a mini-iPod concept, which could be pinned to your shirt. So, you can imagine our surprise when Steve Jobs pulled the new iPod Shuffle that's even smaller. And yet some how does everything the older Shuffle did but is yet 1/4th size of the earlier one.


Yeah, the new iPod Shuffle is small - it's actually the world's smallest digital music player that is about 1.62 inches long and weighs a mere half an ounce. But, don't go by the size as it still holds 240 songs in 1 GB of memory, can play music continously for 12 hours on a single charge  and clips onto to a shirt, sleeve or the belt. The new sexy anodozied alumunium enclosure also makes it much more cooler than it's predecessor.
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How to build an Open Source MP3 Player for under US$ 30

build an mp3 player on your own - world's simplest and smallest DIY mp3 player

"For around $30 in parts and a good amount of patience, you can have a completely open source and hackable mp3 player ready to go. It can be modified to accept serial commands, be embedded in an art project, used as the voice of your next smart talking robo-sidekick, or filled with music and used as is. Put in whatever size card you want, up to the theoretical limit of the MMC format! All the source and schematics are here for free as part of the Creative Commons. "

So, if you want to really get into the geek list, forget the iPod and build an MP3 player on your own. Grab the instructions, schematics and source code from here. Sweet!

55 Hour iPod Battery Extender

55 hour ipod battery extender - extends battery life of the ipod to over 2 days of playbackHow would you like to extend your iPod battery life by a whooping 275%? This amazing new iPod battery extender just does that; extending the iPod battery life to 55 hours of playback time without any hacks or solar panels :) 

Buit-into a clear skin shell, the iPod battery extender slips over your video iPod, which means you won't require to carry anything additionally  while it protects your iPod from scratches and the USB pin connector from damages with a stainless steel base.
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The Batman MP3 player

Batman MP3 player

The Batman MP3 player definitely stands out, though we aren't entirely sure why you would want one like this without a bat car :) The Batman MP3 player has 128MB of internal memory for storing up to 2 hours of MP3 music and has also has direct recording ability.

Comes with earbuds, the "batman" neckstrap, USB cable and stereo line-in cord. It's claimed to play for about 10 hours on "AAA" battery. The LCD is backlight and glows amber at night. Well. Sure, why not, if the Borg can have their own MP3 player then why can't Batman have one? It's available from here for US$49.99.

Glow in the dark clickwheel stickers for iPod

ipod nano and video clickwheel glow in the dark. locate the ipod easily in the dark
These stick-ons attach to the iPod clickwheel and make them glow in the dark. So, you can easily find your iPod. Requires no additional batteries and charges itself with light. The stick-ons also double as scratch protectors.

Available for the iPod nano and the iPod Video editions from here for US $1.99. 

iBot: The "Borg" MP3 Player

borg mp3 player
The iBot looks like something the 'borg' would design; but it's a fully functional MP3, video player with FM radio to boot. The iBot as it's officially called,  features 512 MB memory, 65K color OLED display, built-in stero speakers, voice recorder, photo album display and a equalizer.

We like the features, but the look.. that's an entirely different thing. Available for US $62.99 from Amazon.


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