HP's new long lasting laptop battery can run for 14 hours and beyond

If your HP notebook is in need for 'more' battery power, then the new HP Ultra-Capacity Battery might be your answer. The long lasting HP Ultra-Capacity battery is 12-cell lithium ion unit that can give up to 14 hours of battery life, according to company sources.

The HP 12-Cell Ultra-Capacity battery features a unique integrated power connector and ships with a Smart AC adapter that enables the battery to be charged separately when not connected to a notebook.  The battery is compatible with all new HP business notebooks and should be available by  mid-April 2006 and would be priced at $199.

Battery mileage's vary severely based on the applications you use, so even though 14 hours might be claimed, only real world test's can determine optimum capacity. - Ed. 


Has anyone testes this

Has anyone testes this battery yet?
I'm really looking for a long lasting battery and I think this is the one, but I read results may vary, so I'm looking for some opinions

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