What's missing in MacBook Pro?

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, it's time to introspect. And yes, there are quite a few things that are missing on MacBook Pro compared to the now legacy "PowerBook", apart from "Power" in the name.

No Modem

That's right, there's no modem on the new Powerbook's (oops.. MacBook Pro). You can use an external modem, but come'on seriously will you carry one? And, no not every place in the world has wireless.


Apple has dumped the PCMCIA card slot for the new "Express Card". Sure, it's faster but the only problem is that there aren't too many "Express Card" accessories. Of course, since they aren't backwards compatible, you can't plug your PCMCIA card into the "Express Card" slot either.

No S-Video Output

The S-Video output is very very important if you are doing presentations. Yes, there's a DVI to S-Video adapter, which is available (for an extra cost), but we  liked it being included. 

No FireWire 800 port

No more zip-zap fast transfers of video or images from digital camera's that support the FW800 port. 

60 row pixels

Yup, the new MacBook has 60 pixels lesser in resolution - 1440x900 compared to 1440x960 on the older Powerbook.  Though it may not sound much, 60 row pixels can accomodate a menubar or a small dock. But to Apple's defense, you have an iSight webcam on that space now. So, we can't complain much :)

No Windows

No word on if you can still run Windows on the Intel MacBooks from Apple.  But, that's not very concerning for us - at least. Who wants worms, and viruses? 

What's the battery life?

Specs on the battery life is missing from the new MacBooks Pro. With all that high speed and extra accessories like iSight, is it going to as good as Powerbooks? 

All said, hopefully, soon enough there will be a modem for the "Express Card" slot and details on the rest of the missing information will stream in. But, excuse us if we still call the MacBooks as PowerBooks.


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