The Silent Mouse: No more Click Click

's "Silent mouse" is a regular looking mouse with one silent feature - it makes no sound when you click. The sound proofing is done by using a sound proof shape and silicone in the buttons.

The Silent Mouse is compatible with Windows XP/2000 & Mac OS X and uses USB interface. Great for late night mousing sessions.

Automatic CD/DVD Shredder

Calling it a shredder isn't right; because technically it doesn't shred the CD's  But that's what ThinkGeek calls it  and we agree on the name (only) from the usability point :-)

What it  really does is to scratch the CD's and DVD's that you feed into the shredder enough so that the data becomes un-recoverable. So, you don't get little pieces of 'CD confetti' like the paper shredders, but  CD's like they were scratched by a gazillion cats in a alley fight.
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Mus II: Mouse that looks like a Mouse Pointer

Mus II is a cordless optical two-button mouse that looks like a mouse pointer. Available in Black or white, Mus II has a power indicator inside the mouse handle that lights up when the battery is low.

Mus II is compatible with both Windows & Mac OS X and will be available online from Art.Lebedev Studio  for USD 60 after May 15 2006. 

It's Big: Seagate's new 750 GB Hard Drive

Holy Moly. This thing is big. The largest desktop hard disk drive to date, the the 750 GB Seagate hard disk drive has pushed data storage to unprecdented levels. Part of Barracuda 7200.10 series, the 3.5-inch 750 Hard disk drive is capable of pushing data at the speed of 3.0Gb/sec and has three new features; 'Adaptive Fly Height', 'Clean Sweep' and a automatic bad sector scan.

The Adaptive Fly height technology is kind of like 'self raising shock absorbers for cars'; the drive monitors the temperature of the environment, and accordingly raising or decreasing the height of the read-write head inside the hard disk for optimum operation and performance. Clean Sweep on the other hand polishes and cleans the hard disk media at every power-on. The automatic bad sector scan activates automatically when the drive remains idle for some time and scans & marks bad sectors on the drive with out the need for 'Scandisk' or any other disk utility. Since it happens and requires no user-intervention it is also more effective. > Read more

Flashbag: The inflating USB flash drive

This product is only at the concept stage, so you can't buy it. But, it's a standard USB drive that has a tiny pump in it that inflates when you load it with data.  So if your drive is full of stuff, it blows up like a balloon, but if it's empty it remains flat and rectangular.

Sounds like some concept allright. But, we can't think of anyone who would want something like this. Would you carry a full size mango in your pocket? No, then why would you carry this, aye? > Read more

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