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How to: Test for Dead Pixels on a LCD Monitor

Dead Pixels can be a real show stopper, especially if you bought a new LCD monitor or a laptop.  But, the biggest problem sometimes is finding out how many there are out there and if they are enough to substantiate a return.

The Dead pixels test website by Gullaume Dargaud makes the job of testing dead pixels real easy; there is nothing to install. Just click on the links on the site and switch the browser window to full screen. Now, that's what we call a good hack.

Oh BTW, we have had some success by massaging the screen to get some of our dead pixels to come alive.  

How to: Make your own Silent Mouse

hacking the mouse
Fed up with the click click sound of your mouse or you have room-mates who hate the sound of the mouse clicks late in the night?

Here is a site that tells you how to silence the mouse - forever! It's a clever hack but it does require a bit electronic surgery on your mouse.

Of course, if you don't want to do the effort, you can look at buying the Thanko Silent Mouse, featured on Geek 24 earlier.

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet: Firefox Commands on your fingertips

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Just, how much do you know the 'Mozilla Firefox' browser? Did you know that you could decrease the text size by just pressing  Ctrl + Scroll Down key or open a link in the background using Ctrl + Left Click or Middle Click? > Read more

How to: Peel a Potato Skin Fast

Peeling the Potato skin isn't easy, especially when you want to make mashed potatoes fast after a lengthy coding session. But, here's a video that can help you. It's all science my dear! :)

How To: Sew your own "Tux", the Linux penguin soft toy

stitching patterns for tux - the linux penguin soft toy

Want to show your support for Linux? Forget flags and stickers; that's not what real hackers do. Real hackers stitch and sew their own  "Tux", the mascot of Linux with  "open source" sewing patterns.

Of course, you can do one too. With some help from the  Free Penguin site. The entire "compiler code" ... oops "sewing patterns" are available as open source and under GPL. So, you can make and share the soft toy source code (oops... patterns).

Keep in mind that you will need at least a needle, long black thread, black & white plushy fabric and yellow clothing as minimum hardware requirements :)

How to: UFO sightings with Google Maps & Earth

What do you do after you watch an exhilarating  documentary on National Geographic about UFOs and aliens? Look for them on the Net of course. Our fellow geek Derek, sent us the following links and pictures to help you guys in your mission to discover aliens and UFOs with Google Maps and Google Earth. Of course, whether any one of them are UFOs are obviously debatable, but it's fun nevertheless and some of them can you give you a good chuckle - we hope :)

Here's a list of co-ordiantes for Google Maps (Via Google Sightseeing). Click on the Images to open the maps.

Could be a UFO or just a shining, silver weather baloon?

Another one in Rome:

  > Read more

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