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Missing the Blue Screen of Death on the Mac? Get yours Today!

So, the Mac has this, that and even runs Windows with Mac OS X now. But, hey does it have the "Blue Screen of Death"? Contrary to what is believed, Macs do crash very very occasionaly though (our Mac did once in two years), but the screens are not like Windows, they are more like this.

Mac OS X Panic screen screenshot
But, if you do miss the blue screen of death on a Mac or if it's the end of the world and you need to show a bluescreen of death on a Mac to save the world, there is a way to  get them on the Mac  as Amit Singh explains.  They are "simulated", of course!

Mac Media Center (Unofficial) Edition

This is certainly nowhere near to the handsome  "media centers" we have seen and might even give some Apple designers nightmares, just because Media Mac as it's called by John Calhoun (the brain behind this contraption) is powered by an old 12-inch Powerbook and some other salvaged but beautiful Apple hardware and yet looks like Frankenstein.
To  John's credit however, it does supposedly play MP3s, DVDs, TV and  does iChat too. And regardless of the look, we do think it's a nice idea. But, maybe next time he could just get a Mac Mini!

Parallels Workstation Release Candidate 2.2: Run Vista & Mac OS X at the same time on an Intel Mac

Vista on Parallels
Parallels, the virtualization software that runs Windows or any other OS like Linux at the same time with Mac OS X is a pretty cool piece of software. But, it just got a lot cooler with the new Release candidate that can also run  Windows Vista simultaneously with  Mac OS X.


So, if you have an Intel based Mac and  want to give Vista a test run without risking your data  just get a copy of Parallels. See, this is why we love our Macs.

Use your PowerBook/MacBook as a Carpenter's Level

"Make your laptop feel like 'one of the guys/girls'. Make it feel perfectly at home with your other household tools. Now a hammer, saw and a laptop can form a meaningful, friendly bond to last a lifetime.".

That's what Pall Thayer had been thinking when he hit upon this big idea to make the  AMS motion sensor  enabled PowerBook's and MacBook's into a Carpenter's level.  You want to do it too? just download this widget and install.

So, the next time some one asks what's the coolest gadget you got, show them the world's most expensive carpenter's level - your MacBook!

Apple Flowerpots: Putting the old Classic Macs to err... a better use?

While one geek shows off 120+ Macs in his house basement, here's another geek who has put the Apples to a err... a different kind of show.

apple flowerpot image 

Don't want trojans and viruses? Switch to a Mac

We are not campaigning for Mac's, but according to this report from anti-virus company Sophos"Malware statistics suggest it is time for home users to switch to Macs", and they go on to say "the continued dominance of Windows-based threats has prompted Sophos to suggest that many home users should consider switching to Apple Macs, to shield themselves from the malware onslaught."

But, then if you have been using a Mac, you already knew that didn't you? :) 

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